Goodbyes and promises

IMG_3674Today was a full day and there will be many stories to share after some rest.  Our emotions are drained and our hearts are full.  We experienced a beautiful program presented by a local organization at the orphanage today followed by MANY photos.  Seeing us on the Chinese news wouldn’t be a surprise after all of the cameras!


We met with the director, shared our observations from the week, and exchanged gifts.  He is truly a man who loves and cares for the children in his care and his staff obviously respect him greatly. We may have some to serve in this place, but he has gone above and beyond making sure we have been well served.

After the meeting,  it was time to say our goodbyes. We hugged the children and whispered words of love and God’s promises over them.  With each goodbye we wiped  tears as we prepared to walk out the door for the final time.  It may have only been one week, but we have fallen in love with so many children and we have dreams that each one could know the love of a family. We loved on the Nannies and told them thank you for loving the children. 


IMG_5395IMG_3726The nannies stood at the end of the hallway as we turned the corner, waving and reminding us to please come back again.  That hallway grew longer as we turned the final corner, knowing there were many we will never see again.

Our hearts hurt, but as we cling to His promises we are reminded of the rainbow.  The evening could not have ended any more perfectly as we did some shopping, visiting with the locals and touring the Rainbow Bridge.  My photos do not begin to do the captivating beauty of this place justice.  DSC01740

I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant

between me and the earth. Gen. 9:13

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