Today, we celebrated a man who we have all grown to love and respect immensely.  He would not want recognition because he is so humble, but we celebrated his birthday last night with a surprise cake and lots of laughs and then today he was able to enjoy his birthday celebration with the children. Our team member, Jacob, has made this trip one of the most interesting, inspiring, and uplifting. He has a compassion for the children that is truly unbeatable.  He has assessed medical needs, loved babies and listened to stories of so many people this week.IMG_5147IMG_5181There must be a Chinese tradition of placing icing on ones face during a celebration and he was not left out.  As we celebrated a birthday party for the children, the director of the orphanage enjoyed placing icing on Jacob’s face.







The party for the children was a wonderful highlight of our day! It would not have been complete though without going to see the children who were not able to walk to the party.  This photo says so much of the love and compassion of our group and of the staff.  We were allowed to take the cake to the children and feed those in beds who may likely never walk or celebrate a birthday.



For the joy of the Lord is your strength. Neh. 8:10

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3 Responses to Celebrations

  1. Maria Matthias says:

    Praying for those little ones and you all.


  2. Angela LeRoy says:

    The last picture of the team feeding the children in beds sums it all up. I am typing through tears in my eyes. May God bless each of these children and all those that work with them.


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