Oh how quickly Satan can try to steal our focus. We’ve spent a week loving children who have nothing of this world and yet we are so anxious to get back to our “normal” lives. It is so easy to lose our focus if we are not intentional on WHOM we focus. 

Yesterday after going through multiple security checks and lines we were finally on the airplane headed for home. Everyone was snug in their seats ready for a 13 hour flight. We pulled off the gate and thought we were in line for take off when we were informed there was a sick passenger. Our plane had to return to the gate so the man(who I heard was having chest pains) was taken off. They had us all ready to go again after about an hour when we were informed there was a mechanical problem. We went back to the gate and mechanics came on board to access the problem. This is a brand new airplane but it is very computerized. After sitting for another few hours we were told the plane could not be repaired and we would have to stay in Beijing. The airline put us up at a hotel,  but with 225 passengers plus crew that was not a quick process! Once arriving at our hotel we were provided dinner(at 11 pm) and a comfy bed, and breakfast and transportation back to the airport. 

This event was a slight delay in “our” plans, but all in HIS plan. Our group did a wonderful job keeping a positive attitude(since we have an amazing leader who always stays positive)! We had a delay, but what if….the man had had a heart attack after we got in the air or we had to make an emergency landing while over the ocean or Russsia or somewhere else. God has protected us and provided for our needs and we know He is continuing   to do so. We had one day longer to enjoy new friends who we won’t see again for a long time. 

Thank you for your prayers and we ask that you continue as we try this again today. 

To God be the glory, great things He hath done…  

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