Precious moments

From our morning bowl of noodles-the best we’ve ever tasted-to an evening full of dance at the park we had a day full of blessings!    

  Each moment was filled with precious memorie that we will treasure for a lifetime. The orphanage director has gone out of his way to make sure we have been well cared for and fed well. After a day of loving on sweet babies he took us to the park that has a huge statute(sorry, I don’t remeber his name) of an emporor who created much of their farming and was well regarded in the early years. Just like most of the parks in China the people  all gather and exercise and dance. We took lots of photos and had many taken of us as well.   

 The best part of our day certainly revolves around loving on precious children, but  the friends and relationships that we’ve made on the other side of the world has created a bond of love  for a people so dear to our hearts.  


 Please pray that tomorrow we can finish strong and show off the reason for our LOVE -it is only through the love of Christ that we can give that LOVE to others. 

We love because He first loved us. 1 John 4:19

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2 Responses to Precious moments

  1. redthreadoflove says:

    I have enjoyed reading your updates & am praying for you as you love in His name!!! “To God be the glory” His light truly shines from you all. And that light is brighter than any darkness sin has caused!
    May you all be blessed at every turn as you are His hands & feet.


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