Always watching

As I’ve said before, a group of crazy Americans in another country often draws a curious stare.  It isn’t a bad thing, and it’s often quite humorous-something  we’ve come to realize happens each time we go out.   As we discussed tonight, though, we must live our lives in such a way that when people see us, they see Him.  Do they see love, joy, and compassion or do they see the darkness that so fills our world? This morning we were so blessed to see some of the behind the scenes places that we often don’t get to see.  The director is such a kind man and graciously showed us around the hospital and many areas of the orphanage. We had the opportunity, sad though it was, to see a new baby who had just been abandoned and was now awaiting her placement in a room already full of babies. She was the most beautiful baby, but sadly due to a costly medical condition her parents probably chose to leave her somewhere because they likely did not have the resources to help her.         This is the area outside of the hospital where children can stay when abandoned if the weather is bad until they can be taken into the hospital.   

The beautiful nurses who are caring for the newest babies.

The  lady is on  the far right is one of the head doctors and so kind and loving.

After our tour we went to the school that is made possible from the funding of Love Without BoundariesThis school held 22 children from 18 months to 18 years.  There were many special needs present but the children were full of joy and the teachers were happy to share their classroom with us.

 When we returned this afternoon we once again spent time with the older children at the school painting, blowing bubbles and painting fingernails and watching their sweet faces shine with joy!    Tonight we ask that you pray for the precious little gifts from God, created perfectly in His image. Pray for their strength as they wait and for families to hear His call to open their hearts to these treasures. We covet your prayers and feel them each step of this journey. To God be the Glory!

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