A Father to the Fatherless

Our 4 am departure to fly to the next province has everyone pretty exhausted again tonight! After arriving where we will spend the week serving, we checked into the hotel and rested for a little while. Around 11:30 we met the orphanage directors and had a specially prepared lunch at the orphanage. They went out of their way all day today to provide for us in so many ways.  The food was delicious and each staff member was so caring and ready to meet any need we may have had.  We may have come to serve them, but they went above and beyond serving us today. They took us to the Dragon Boat Festival where we were most likely the only Americans they had seen by the magnitude of pictures snapped of us.  Since we were not able to take photos in the orphanage today all of these are faces from the festival. 

After lunch we had the chance to go on a tour of the orphanage and what a joy that was! We spent time loving on babies who are going to be adopted soon and many who will likely never know the love of a family. As you gather with family to celebrate Father’s Day today we ask that you pray that God will pour out an extra blessing on those babies   Who long for a fathers touch.                                                                                                                               May He be the father they may never know. The joyful laughs and sweet smiles and little kisses every time we walked into the room filled each of us with a joy that could have only come from the JOY of the Lord.  Thank you for your prayers. It was a good day, but also so emotionally draining! 





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2 Responses to A Father to the Fatherless

  1. Jana Bearden says:

    Prayers for you all! Why is Beth wearing her backpack on her front??


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