Sightseeing and sharing hearts

After a good night’s sleep we were very early to rise with the sun at 4 am and ready to enjoy a wonderful breakfast. Then it was time to head out for a day of sightseeing and experiencing the Chinese culture.  We toured the  Forbidden City, along with what seemed like all of China, and viewed many historical buildings.   McDonalds, a place I would rarely eat at home, became the chosen place for lunch followed by a long drive filled with lots of traffic to the Great Wall of China.   Four of the younger members of our group were very enthusiastic to climb to the top while the others of us enjoyed some great conversation in the shade.  
  Our conversation today included crazy things like: getting to know each other’s families, learning about our guides religion and getting to know her, our amazing husbands who make these trips possible, our desire to see churches burdened for the orphans of the world, and even some discussion about pterodactyls(you will have to ask Macky about that one)!

 The day ended in the best way! We had another great Chinese dinner followed by Starbucks and conversation with a facebook friend, now turned “real life” friend. Meredith lives in China and operates Morningstar Foundation, a home for amazing children with serious heart defects.  She has such a passion to see God heal and place these precious babies in families.   We were able to bless her with a few small gifts and she blessed us even more with her spirit and love for seeing every child know the love of a family.   We quickly discovered what a small world this really is and how many friends we all have in common. All Glory goes to God for new friendships and blessings of the day!


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