The coffee cup

Blog post by Sarah:

I came here probably one of the most from our group ready and seeking to adopt in the immediate future. I came with strict beliefs about what our child would be like. I came with expectations of the orphanage conditions and what this trip would be about. All of it went out the window when I met these children. I thought we couldn’t adopt a child older than 3 and I found 10 year olds tugging at my heart. I thought we would only be open to very minor needs and stopped seeing special needs as soon as I saw faces. I didn’t see cleft lips, I saw bright, joy filled eyes. I didn’t see Spina Bifida scars, I saw how able bodied and happy these children were despite their conditions. I didn’t see an institution, I saw a place where children were loved, fed and cared for while they wait for a forever home. I don’t know how I can go on without welcoming these children to be my own. I see a massive obstacle of money and paperwork before me but I know God is there paving the way. I remember the first time almost a year ago I saw the actual numbers of what it took to adopt and I remember it being one of the first times in my life I literally shook with fear. But today I was reminded in such a simple way of God’s faithfulness. We went to a market to look for coffee cups and underneath the bargain rack, something caught my eye. It was a mug that said “Be Strong and Courageous”. My eyes filled with tears and then they overflowed when I turned it around and the other side said, “The Lord Your God is with you wherever you go. Joshua 1:9”.


None of the other mugs said anything. There were only 2 and I bought both for my husband and I because as we go forward on the path God is calling us, we will both need a full cup of courage and strength. There is a child that I connected with and it is my fervent prayer that one day he calls me Mommy. But more than anything I want him in a family that loves him. He is the Lord’s and I turn him over to a God I can trust with even this. He has already taught me that in a week I can love a child that I can’t even hold a conversation in English with so much that it hurts. If all I ever have with him is 4 days, it was a blessing and I know he will bless a family someday. Pray for these children. Pray they have a mom and dad to hold them, raise them and love them. Pray that they come to know a big, powerful God that sees every orphan. Pray that He will raise up Mommies and Daddies that can’t ignore the call of adoption.

Love is calling and it is time to answer.

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4 Responses to The coffee cup

  1. Becky Anthony says:

    Sarah, I know it’s near impossible to convey in words all that you experienced, and all your thoughts related to this experience, but I am deeply touched by your blog and pictures. I know God has put a burden in your heart to advocate for adoption, and eventually become adoptive parents as well. Believing with you for this awesome miracle, and encouraged by your fervor and courage too! Love and prayers —The Anthony family


  2. Lord, you alone are my inheritance, my cup of blessing.
    You guard all that is mine. -Psalm 16:5


  3. Toni Benton says:

    Oh Sarah!!


  4. Suzette says:

    I could not be more excited for you, Sarah, to see where God leads you on this journey that He has orchestrated!


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