Comfort Zone

Oh, how we love being in OUR comfort zone.  Well, today has truly been a day when most of us were out of it.  We quickly discovered that our response is so important as our comfort zone was far different  today than we are used to. We are thankful that God is so gracious and He gently corrects us when He sees our weaknesses. He knows our needs and He promises to supply those needs.

For starters, breakfast was not your typical eggs, bacon, danish and COFFEE. No, this hotel did not even have coffee. Apparently, they did not know who they were dealing with! What could have been a disaster without caffeine changed into a quick stop by something called KFC.  The following picture is what I chose to eat for breakfast while others chose the carrots or bean milk and others decided it best to eat the granola bar stashed away in their suitcase.


After our stop for coffee we were on the way to the orphanage and the reason we’ve traveled across the world. Everyone was excited and ready to go. We met with the directors and had a game plan for the day.  That game plan didn’t go exactly how we planned, but we know that flexibility is the key word.  Some of our group left to purchase paint for a mural on the walls while the other 10 of us along with about 20 kids played in one small room. That group ranged in age from 5 to 13 and was not the way we would normally split up a group of kids to do an activity at home. We adapted and knew that our response to the inconvenience was far more important than our comfort and ease!

Oh how I wish I could share photos, but we were not allowed to take pictures.  Please pray with us that the directors will grow more comfortable with us and allow us to photograph these precious children before the end of the week. We loved playing with these precious children and whispering words of love into little ears of children who were so stoic and never cracked a smile.  Our guys should have been exhausted because they were the human jungle gym for many kids and the favorite of all! Words can’t express how beautiful it is to see a young adult male with such love and compassion for little boys and girls who just want someone to REALLY play with them.

This picture came from dinner, but these are some of the guys and girls who seem to draw a crowd everywhere we go!



One thing that probably take us out of our comfort zone (esp. the ladies) more than any other is getting used to a non-Western toilet.  Believe it or not, everyone doesn’t do things the same as we THINK they should.  This has been an eye opening experience for some:


Oh, but we are constantly reminded that our COMFORT and sin is what drove our SAVIOR to the cross of calvary.

I think this reminder is perfect:


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5 Responses to Comfort Zone

  1. Toni Benton says:

    So very glad God sent Brandon some male company and praying He’ll use them all to give the kiddos a real blessing. Also glad you found coffee at KFC… strange that they didn’t have it at the hotel… tho it looks like there are a few oddities, eh? Not that you’re not already a pro at that… remember the popcorn (or was it cereal) in last year’s coffee. Haha on the squatty potty, Stephanie… definitely better to time your liquid intake to avoid them if possible.


  2. Stephanie says:

    When you get back, someone will need to enlighten me on HOW you use THAT toilet as a female:)


  3. Jenn Rohrer says:

    Oh so glad to hear that you found some coffee! Do they have yogurt there? The yogurt in China is amazing.. and you drink it with a straw!!
    And I loved reading about the children using the men as a jungle gym! You are creating some awesome memories for the children. I imagine you will get some smiles tomorrow 🙂 Hang in there!


    • Suzette says:

      I wish they had yogurt here. The boiled egg, peanuts and roll are about the only things that look remotely familiar. Yes, I agree about how good the yogurt is here. We have three amazing, Godly men here with hearts for the orphan who will make wonderful fathers some day and are creating forever memories for these kids!


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