Today our day consisted of many different perspectives and you would probably get a different one from each person if asked about this day.  It was a day with 15 different people, 13 team members a guide and a very special family friend who enjoyed some time with some familiar faces from back home.  Each person would probably share a different viewpoint of the day. The one common theme that would likely come from each person would likely be the fact that it was a day full of meeting new people and learning new customs.  However, the best part of the day was that we all shared lots of laughter and enjoyed getting to know one another a little better.


 We started off the day with breakfast at the hotel and exchanging money before we boarded the bus for our day full of adventure.  The next stop was at the Great Wall of China.  One perspective came from those of us who saw the rain coming and chose to buy rain ponchos, while others chose to just get wet because they knew the rain would pass. Others of us saw the wall as far to high to try to climb while some chose to go as high as they could.


 After an amazing time of looking in awe at this mighty structure dating back to 425 B.C. we all left and headed to the Jade Palace for lunch.  Some chose to look at the lunch as a new challenge with chopsticks while others simply picked up the nearest fork so that they could actually eat a food they probably had no idea what they were eating.

The next stop was the Summer Palace, a beautiful area with a lake full of boats, and many areas to relax and see where the Emperor used to come to spend time and do business and relax.


Our day ended with dinner at the Peking Duck where we had the chance to eat duck and try some other new delicacies. Let’s just say that our food tastes and perspectives where obvious as we tasted many new foods and dishes that were placed before us.


Our perspective may be different in many areas but the one thing we all agree on: God has a big plan for this next week and we are excited to watch it unfold.

Thank you for your prayers and support. Please pray that tomorrow’s flight will go well as we head to another area to serve.

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