The journey begins


After very little sleep, the morning is finally here for our journey to China to begin. After much preparation, prayer and packing we are on the way. Not only do we get the exciting chance to go love on babies through AWAA we also get the opportunity to bless some babies at the Morningstar Foundation with some new strollers. I love watching as God’s people have come together to support us, help us raise funds and give to others when they’ve seen a need. Thank you to every person who has helped to make this journey possible! May the world see More of His love!

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3 Responses to The journey begins

  1. Praying for your team in China!!


  2. Toni Benton says:

    Godspeed Jones’!!!
    Do let me know if you end up needing a guest editor (if it doesn’t work or if Ginny’s not able).
    Thanks for blessing the sweeties at Morningstar with the strollers (how FUN that was to see God answer that prayer so quickly)!!!


    • Toni Benton says:

      PS – I’m not usually a fan of long hair for guys, but it sure looks good on Brandon!! Might draw quite a crowd!!


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